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Let’s dive into some of the many heart-broken situations I encountered during my job hunting process.



  1. An MNC verbally accepted me for a position that I applied for and promised me an offer letter. I know I’ll love the job and me being naive, I stopped applying for jobs for quite some time, maybe a few months. Only after I realised that verbal won’t prove anything, then I decide to apply for jobs again.
  2. Failed internet connection during an interview with a company VP. I have made it through a few stages but the final stage didn’t go well. I can see the interviewer getting disappointed with my internet connection. Based on the whole interview, I know I won’t like the company environment. But being me, I don’t like to be unemployed for so long, I choose to endure if I manage to get in (well, I set a target to get employed within a month after graduating).


How would my mistakes help you to have peace?

When you place things that are vulnerable in a place where you might risk breaking it, one day, you’ll probably see it broken. – Mizi Wahid


Your heart is a vulnerable piece. I’ve been putting my heart’s peace protected by the success that I accomplish. ‘As long as I carefully abide by the plan that I set, things will always turn out as how I want them to be. I plan the actions, obey it thoroughly, I’ll gain the success’. But sweet readers, some things are beyond our control and I would not recommend putting success as the measure of life.


If you want to have peace in your life, you can’t have too many rules. – Mizi Wahid


In this life, some rules are beneficial in order to keep us composed and well-mannered. But, when there are so many rules and those rules are highly dependent upon others, they might as well not worth the battle. Personally, I used and am still using a fixed timing whenever I want to achieve something.


Example: ‘I’ll feel accomplished when I manage to complete Task A by 4 pm today’. This is something achievable, cause it highly depends on oneself.


But to set such thing as ‘I’ll be happy when my best friend gave me a Pandora bracelet as my birthday gift’, would lead us to heartache and disappointment when it actually depends on the other party, not us to begin with.


So readers, as Mizi Wahid says:

Remember to be careful with where you place your heart at all times’.

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