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Chapter One: The Greatest Temptation2 min read

This has been in my draft for such a long time (since 01/01/2022), but the lesson is still there and meant to be shared. I read up to chapter 1 of The Art of Letting God by Mizi Wahid, well I decided to read the book at a slow pace, just to reflect on my life as the pages flip. And I thought, maybe I can share after each chapter.


I thought it might be plain and simple as the temptation to the world, of how humans are tempted by what the world has to offer, but a great book will always enlighten us. It’s actually the temptation to give up. As I read every word and reflects on my own life, it echoes in every way possible.


I just graduated in 2021, and me being a fast-paced person, I must have improved my patience a lot throughout the job application process. Be it from the internet connection decided to fail me during an interview or me not getting my thoughts together during assessments.


Those are just some of the millions of unwanted situations that actually happened. Things don’t always go the way that I want, and yes, it disappoints me. In fact, it disappoints me a lot because I know how much effort I have put into altering my CV for each job application, preparing a cover letter, researching before an interview and the endless practices for an assessment. Crying myself to sleep only to wake up with swollen eyes. I was tempted to give up multiple times.


Words by words, paragraphs by paragraphs, Mizi Wahid made me realise it’s actually my expectations that lead to me having the thought of quitting. I always thought that expectations are good, at least that’s what motivates me all this while; my expectations towards myself. But, here goes the wise words.


When you have expectations, you expect that things (and people) turn out the way you envisioned them to be, nothing less. However, when you choose hope, you pray and wish for the best, but even if things don’t go your way, you’ll be fine.

Mizi Wahid


And I choose to have hope. A hope that every little progress I made is preparing me for a greater life ahead.

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