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When Breath Becomes Air1 min read

The first few pages involved a lot of Google Search, of new vocabs and medical terms. But what’s the point of reading except for making the unknown becoming known?


“Do you think my life has meaning? Did I make the right choices?”

Paul Kalanithi


This has been the question that I keep asking myself. I don’t know my purpose in living hence making me feels like my life might don’t have any meaning. The thing that keeps me moving forward simply because of mere short satisfaction. I woke up on Monday to accomplished my to-do list. I woke up on Tuesday for meetings. I woke up on Wednesday to complete my assignments.


When life gets calm, my thoughts keep wondering, what do I live for?


Are all the decisions I made lead to a worse, comfort or better life?


‘Such power required deep responsibility, sharing in guilt and recrimination’

Paul Kalanithi


Reading the whole part making me realised that being a professional means having such power and responsibility in building to breaking others lives. I know I hesitate for such responsibilities because it involves the life and the death of others. If I choose to pursue my career in the engineering field, it leaves no room for mistake. I understand that well and will I make the right choice?

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