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‘There are many kinds of selfishness in this world, but the most selfish is hoarding time, because none of us know how much we have, and it is an affront to God to assume there will be more’

Mitch Albom


The moment I came across this sentence, I feel disgusted, for such arrogance I have in me, assuming I have so much time in front of me, delaying all my dreams and wishes, and the apologies I owe to some.


Have you ever keep something special for special occasions? Afraid not, for I am guilty of that too. Keeping certain dresses for a lovely dinner which I may not know when. Limit the spray of perfume for being afraid that I would finish them before better special occasions.


Pause for a moment, just a moment. When exactly is the special occasion? What special occasion? For the future is completely unknown, how can we be so sure of living for the next breath? How certain you are of tomorrow?


Can’t now be the most special occasion of your life?


‘The most precious thing you can give someone is your time, Chika, because you can never get it back. When you don’t think about getting it back, you’ve given it in love.’

Mitch Albom


Just how precious our time is? The time you give to someone, to comfort someone, to pay a visit, the long journey to meet your loved ones.


We spend every second continuously, the same rate, yet we can’t find a way to either stop the time or to find any extra second.


From the moment we were born to this world, we’ve given our time to everyone surrounds us, to our dreams, and we can’t get back all the lost seconds.


How did you spend your time all this while? Have you spent your time wisely? Have you spent to love and appreciate everything around you?

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